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We are not just one of many vintage kilo sales, with BeThrifty we stand out from the rest! We offer you the biggest & best selection of vintage clothes & recycled pieces! The original Vintage Kilo Sales is back in your city!

We can't wait to finally thrift with you again! Join us for a huge selection of second hand t-shirts, windbreakers, leather jackets, jumpers & hoodies, crazyprint shirts and more. We bring you your favourite brands, from Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren it's all here! At BeThrifty you'll find unique clothes & cool one-of-a-kind pieces in different sizes and styles and shop sustainably.

You don't buy two pairs of trousers, a shirt and a blazer, but 1.08 kilograms of finest vintage pieces that fit your individual style. You read that right: With us, you buy by weight. The value is calculated fairly according to the resources used. You'll be surprised at the unique "OLDSCHOOL" pieces you can get for little money. Visit our legendary festivals or find new vintage favourites in our online store.

Discover a whole new concept of fashion shopping:

  •     3€ entry
  •     Hot brands & cool one-offs
  •     Maximum fashion factor with reduced resource impact
  •     Accessories: shoes, scarves, belts and bags
  •     Vintage clothes for € 45/kg
  •     Cash or card payment possible

Until then, you can also shop online for your favourite vintage pieces:

BeUnique. BeConscious. #BeThrifty.


Until then, you can also shop online for your favourite vintage pieces:




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