Approximately 27 years after the centre opened, the owners of der Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH are now completely refurbishing hall no.1, the accompanying entrance area and connected upper floor.

Hall 1 at Salzburg Exhibition & Congress Center is the oldest facility in a complex of 10 halls and the Salzburgarena. Priority has been given to the urgently required updating of the building’s technical infrastructure within a wider process of modernisation.

This process is crucial to maintaining the venue’s extreme popularity as a stage for exhibitions, congresses and events. One of the central aims of renovation is to guarantee that ‘multifunctionality’ really does refer to a facility equipped for, and which can be adapted to, a comprehensive array of events.

Sustainable investment in regional economic stimulation

Investment in the above measures is based on a shareholder-approved overall budget of around €12 m.

Project implementation

Heinrich Pölsler (Dipl. Ing.) is the responsible Project Manager, whose expertise has already been successfully exploited for the rebuilding of hall 10 at Salzburg Exhibition & Congress Center.

RUDOLF & Vier Partner GmbH from Graz and the architectural team at Bechter Zaffignani Architekten ZT GmbH bid successfully for the general planning implementation contract.

Hall 1 is a multifunctional facility

As previously, hall 1 will be used to host exhibitions, congresses and events. The total expo space of 2529 m² will accommodate an immense diversity of event requirements. The upper floor will again have a restaurant, a press lounge, and rooms for congresses and meetings. Furthermore, it will also be the home of the Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH offices, which are currently in an alternative location in the backstage area of the Salzburgarena.

Building phase schedule for overall refurbishment

The first of several construction phases is due to commence immediately after the Easter break in 2016. Since the expo centre will be occupied by fairs for much of this time, construction work has to be restricted to a very tight but manageable window.

The new facility will be open for a broad range of interested visitors in mid-October – to host the 12th edition of the ‘Classic Expo’ – the international classic cars show.

Continuous updates on progress during the rebuilding period can be found at

Salzburg Exhibition & Congress Center is a very well established stage for business gatherings, congresses and events, and is the leading venue for trade fairs in Austria. The multifunctionality and diversity offered by a venue with its own conference and meetings section make it a popular choice for a vast array of functions, such as business gatherings, sporting events, entertainment shows, congresses with accompanying exhibitions, and trade fairs. In 2015 around 610,000 visitors attended events at Salzburg Exhibition & Congress Center.

In 2014 an analysis of indirect financial benefits conducted by the Centre for Future Studies at Salzburg’s FH college revealed that the overall annual demand generated for goods and services during the period studied amounted to €69.2 m. In turn, this spending produced an overall knock-on economic benefit of €158.4m. The groups that benefit most noticeably are hotels and restaurants, trade and retail, and businesses in the advertising and representational sectors. Salzburg Exhibition & Congress Center contributes to a total of around 1300 jobs created and secured within the Austrian labour market.

Image subtitle: Hall 1 is now the facility with the oldest infrastructure on site and is to be converted into a multifunctional venue.

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Exterior Hall 1
Hall 1
Hall 1 is now the facility with the oldest infrastructure on site and is to be converted into a multifunctional venue. (C) Bechter Zaffignani Architekten
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