Supervisory Board

The province and the city of Salzburg each hold 39.3% of the shares of Salzburg Exhibition Center. The remaining 21.4% are owned by the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce.

Dipl.-Ing. Harald Preuner

Chairman of the supervisory board

"Exhibition and Congress Center Salzburg is an extreme upgrade for Salzburg as a business location. Salzburg is therefore becoming a meeting point for experts and business circles, having an important positive effect on the local economy and tourism. It was definitely the right decision to keep the exhibition center in the city and to invest heavily in the re-design of the exhibition center."

Komm.- Rat. Mag. Peter Genser

Deputy Chairman of the supervisory board
Vice-president of the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce

"With its annual indirect profitability of 158,4 million Euros, Exhibition and Congress Center Salzburg is an important motor for Salzburg's economy. Exhibition and Congress Center Salzburg furthermore ensures the securing of about 1,300 workplaces in the region and the releasing of tax revenues of about 19 million Euros from public authorities."

Dr. Florian Kreibich

Deputy Chairman of the supervisory board

Deputy Mayor of the City of Salzburg

Attorney and hotelier

"It is our job to keep the trade fair venue Salzburg competitive for the future in national and international exhibition industry."

Bernhard Auinger

Mayor of the City of Salzburg

"For the city of Salzburg the Exhibition and Congress Center is an important economic driving force. The feasibility study for the realisation of a direct connection to the regional train will be driven forth. With this add-on to the public transport the location will play a major key role for the city’s traffic relief. The Exhibition and Congress Center supports us to develop Salzburg as leading city in Austria."

Dr. Manfred Pammer

Director of the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce

"Exhibition and Congress Center Salzburg is an essential part of the business location Salzburg. With the construction of the new multi-purpose hall, enabling the organisation of major conferences with up to 4,500 participants in the future, the foundations for a positive future development of Exhibition Center Salzburgs were laid."

Florian F. Iro, BA, MBA

Geschäftsführer Erdal GmbH - Werner & Mertz Gruppe

„Die Attraktivität des Standortes Salzburg wird maßgeblich durch hochqualitative Angebote wie Messen & Ausstellungen, Konzerte & Shows, Tagungen, sowie Outdoor- und Sportevents beeinflusst. Spannende und emotionale Angebote erhöhen die Lebensqualität für alle Generationen in der Region. Edutainment, Information und Netzwerk stärken unsere Gesellschaft. Die Messe Salzburg ist der beste Ort für nachhaltige Begegnungen.“ 

Geschäftsführer Erdal GmbH

KR Andreas Teufl

Deputy President Salzburger Landtag

"Messezentrum Salzburg is one of the most important trade fair locations in Austria and neighboring Bavaria and plays a key role for our economy. With almost 100 events per year and over 600,000 visitors, further development in the areas of congresses, conferences and corporate events is crucial in order to consolidate the location in the long term and significantly influence Salzburg's economic success. The Supervisory Board is responsible for ensuring sustainable and resource-friendly conditions for the development of Messezentrum Salzburg."

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Univ.-Doz. Dr. Alfred J. Noll

Attorney at law

“Salzburg is a well-established trade fair venue. This status should be maintained. At the same time, a balance must be maintained between commercial success and a sustainable focus on the common good.”

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