Environmental awareness, thrift, individuality and a wide selection of unique and back in fashion and accessories are the cornerstones of BeThrifty Vintage Kilo Sale's well-known and cool second-hand concept. The eco-friendly alternative stands out from conventional habits of the fashion industry. Manufacturing and supply chain start with single pieces from various used clothing collections, spread all over Europe. Conscious sorting is done in recognized recycling warehouses. Afterwards, only vintage goods in high quality standards are delivered to BeThrifty. These goods are again sorted, checked and - if necessary - repaired by BeThrifty employees before the specimens are prepared for the sales events. 

In fact, the specific sales offer is unique - and very popular, especially among the young and the young at heart: different clothing and with individually selected and combined individual pieces at a price per kilo of 45 euros. And that in a variety of sizes and favorite brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and many more. A selection of 60 different categories (windbreakers, leather jackets, sweaters and hoodies, crazyprint shirts, etc.) with sizes from XS to XXL are waiting for fashion enthusiasts. Cash and card payments are possible, and of course there are changing rooms.